Scuba Diving Prices

We include what you need to dive in 1 simple Standard Dive Trip price. Don't be fooled by an offer of a low price for the trip, only to be charged additional for the tanks, weights, or a special location such as a wreck.

Molasses Reef in the Florida Keys, Key Largo

Rainbow Reef Dive Center is a full service Dive Center!

Remember that we include a Dive Guide in our standard trip price! If you are not interested in having a Dive Guide with you on your dives, you are welcome to explore on your own, (with a buddy of course) but we ask that you listen to the Guide's briefing so you can understand what the best personal dive plan will be.

  • $85.00STANDARD Scuba Trip
    (2 Location Trip)

    Includes Tanks, Weights, Bottled Water, Cookies and a FREE DIVE GUIDE

    Please see below for multiple trip package discount plans. Please note: Our FREE Dive Guide service is on an Opt-in basis. All you need to do is request a Dive Guide when you set up your reservations.

  • $85

    Night Dive

    (1 Location Trip)
    Includes tank, weights and FREE dive guide.

  • $12

    Nitrox Tanks

    $12/Single Tank, $20/Two Tanks

    Unlimited Nitrox Tank Packages

  • $50

    Snorkel Trip

    (2 Location Trip)
    Includes Mask, Fins, Snorkel.
    Wetsuit additional.

Multiple Dive Trip Discount Plan

Multi-Trip Calculator

Use this calculator to get a quick and easy cost for multiple dive trips:

number of trips icon # of Trips:

title $389 sub price page curl

# of Trips

Single Trip Cost

Normal Cost

Total Package Cost

Per Trip Savings

Total Savings













































Unlimited Nitrox Tank Packages and Specials

  • That's just $8.33 Per tank price page curl

    3 Trip Package


  • That's just $7.50 Per tank price page curl

    5 Trip Package


  • That's just $7.14 Per tank price page curl

    7 Trip Package


  • That's just $5.00 Per tank price page curl

    10 Trip Package


  • Nitrox Pkg Calculator:

    number of trips icon number of trips icon # of Trips:   
    (2 tanks/trip)
  • $225 3 Dive Trip Package!
    6 Dives on 3 Dive Trips

    Includes Tanks, Weights, Cookies, Bottled Water, And FREE DIVE GUIDE!

    That is just $75.00 per Dive Trip! A savings of $30.00!

  • $25 BC &

    (Per day)
    Can be used on 1 or 2 Trips

  • $35 Full

    (BC, Regulator, Wetsuit, Mask, Fins & Snorkel)

  • $350 5 Dive Trip Package!
    10 Dives on 5 Dive Trips

    10 Dives including: Tanks, Weights, Cookies, Bottled Water, and FREE DIVE GUIDE

    That is just $70.00 per Dive Trip! A savings of $75.00!

  • Starting
    at Just
    $695 Private Scuba Dive
    Boat Charter!

    (1/2 day, 2 Location Trip, You choose locations)

    Includes Tanks, Weights & FREE Dive Guides!

Daily Equipment Rental

Mask, Fins, Snorkel Pack$10.00

Tank (per trip)$10.00

Regulator w/octo and gauges $15.00

BCD $12.00

Dive Computer (per trip)$15.00

Dive Light (per trip)$10.00

Wet Suit Top or Shorty$8.00

Full Wet Suit $12.00

Equipment Packages

Core Equipment Pack
(BCD, Regulator and Gauges)$25.00

FULL Equipment Pack
(Core Equipment Pack + Mask, Fins & WETSUIT)$35.00

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