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2500 sq. ft. Showroom of Dive Gear, Apparel & Much More.

Try on Over 100 BCDs!

Huge Selection of Dive Computers!

Hundreds of Choices in Quality Dive Gear!

Thousands of Apparel Choices in Hundreds of Colors!

Lots of dive computers, wetsuits, BCDs, masks, and other quality gear we carry store image Whether on your first day in Key Largo, in between your dives, or even in the evenings until 8pm, you do not want to miss checking out our retail center while in Key Largo!

We packed it FULL of all the gear you could ever want or need, recreational dive gear, tech diving gear, free diving gear, and an almost endless selection of Rainbow Reef apparel and gear.

Our retail staff can help you make sense of all the features and options offered on our full range of dive equipment and accessories, because the only thing they love more than diving, is dive gear!

QUALITY dive gear from manufacturers you know and trust:

  • Find the best deals on Aqualung dive gear image

  • Find the best deals on Suunto dive gear image

  • Find the best deals on Bare dive gear image

  • Find the best deals on Atomic dive gear image

  • Find the best deals on Seac dive gear image

  • Find the best deals on Mares dive gear image

  • Find the best deals on Garmin gear image

  • Find the best deals on Zeagle dive gear image

  • Find the best deals on Dive Rite dive gear image
    Dive Rite

  • Find the best deals on Apeks dive gear image

  • Find the best deals on Ocean Reef dive gear image
    Ocean Reef

  • Find the best deals on Costa Sunglasses image
    Costa Sunglasses

Hundreds of wetsuits, BCDs, masks, dive computers, wetsuits and other gear we carry in store image

Thousands of choices!

Our store is stocked with comprehensive selections and the full lines from all our of our trusted manufacturers.

Another feature of our store is our wide range of Rainbow Reef apparel that comes in many different designs, colors and sizes

It doesn't stop there!

We've also got Costa Sunglasses, underwater cameras, Stream2Sea Reef safe sunscreens, Logbooks, Mask Defog.

Don't forget to spin the wheel after each dive trip for a chance to win anything from a free dive trip to great discounts on dive gear!

You certainly can't
do this online!

Try before you buy!

Beyond being able to offer you free dive trips with gear purchases, our retail dive center keeps the value coming with a chance to see, touch, feel, try on and most cases demo the gear before you make a purchase!

Here is an important fact for you to consider:

By manufacturer contract, authorized dealers (online and offline) may not advertise gear below the contract guideline price. If you see a lower price, that means they are not an authorized dealer and you will not get a manufacturers warranty.

Huge selection of wetsuits in every style right in store image

Price Match Policy:

Rainbow Reef literally cannot be undersold.

We can match or beat any online or offline price from any authorized dealer for any package or single piece of gear, as long as it the same exact item or package. By definition, if you see a lower price, that means they are not an authorized dealer, which means if you buy from them you don't get the manufacturers warranty.
(See the example below)

Here is a really simple example to illustrate this:

  • Let's say you are shopping
    for a dive computer...

    You find a major brand recreational computer for $329 at various dive centers who are authorized dealers (online or offline).
    You might even find the same computer on Amazon for $299 or $289. If you find a lower price, it means that store or merchant is NOT an authorized dealer, and you will not have the manufacturers warranty.

    So what should you do?

  • Standard options:

    Buy the computer from an authorized dealer for $329, and get your warranty...

    Or buy for a bit less (let's say $299) because you want to save some $ and don't care about the warranty.

    Maybe you'll incur shipping fees,
    maybe you won't...

    Then take your brand new computer diving in Key Largo, and pay for your dive trip.
    (our standard dive trips start at $80)

  • Rainbow Reef Option:
    (The best one... hint, hint...)

    Buy the dive computer from
    Rainbow Reef, an authorized dealer,
    for $329
    and get the manufacturer warranty.

    Then take your brand new computer
    Diving in Key Largo (with us)

    That's an $80 savings right there!

Don’t forget! Stop in before your first dive trip, spin the wheel and see how much you can save!

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