Spiegel Grove (Wreck)

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Landing Ship Dock # 32. That was the hull number given to her by the US Navy. 510 feet in length and greater than 80 feet across her beam, she will usually require divers to make two dives just to see her outside structure. Although diver safe, one should not enter her hull without proper Wreck Diver certification and training. She originally came to rest on her Starboard side from a botched sinking effort, but in 2005 nature helped us out and Hurricane Dennis rolled her upright. The profile of the dive starts in about 70 feet of water and bottoms out about 130 feet, with the best parts of the dive accessible between 70-90 feet. The Spiegel Grove is the backbone of the artificial reef system that has formed in this area. Algae, sponges and coral mingle with 130 species of fish to create enormous biodiversity in this region. Divers may see Goliath Grouper, barracuda, large jacks, and a large colony of gobies. This is considered to be an Advanced dive.

Overall Rating by Customers: 4.8
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Site Depth: 65-130 feet

Site Level: Advanced Open Water

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