Supreme Diving Package

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We decided to put together the ultimate package at a price that won't break the bank. The Supreme Package is a collection of some of the best dive gear in the dive industry. Top-of-the-line components round out this collection of unsurpassed quality and technology.

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    Dive what the industry's professionals have been diving with for years. You don't need to be a dive instructor or a Pro to get your hands on and use some of the best gear in the industry.

    Key points about this dive gear package:

    • Over-balanced ease of breathing regulator

    • Free 'parts for life' on Legend LX regulator

    • Air integrated / multi gas / digital compass dive computer

    • i3 inflation / deflation system

    Ultimate gear makes for ultimate diving! Get yours today!

    Aqua Lung Legend LX image

    Aqua Lung Legend LX

    Aqua Lung Axiom i3 image

    Aqua Lung Axiom i3

    Aqua Lung Soul i3 image

    Aqua Lung Soul i3

    Suunto Cobra3 Dive Computer image

    Suunto Cobra3 Dive Computer

    Aqua Lung Legend Octo image

    Aqua Lung Legend Octo

(Images are for reference only and subject to change)
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