The staff at Rainbow Reef has put together Aqualung, Suunto, Deep See, Mares and Atomic dive gear into packages to meet every diver's budget and requirements. We've also put together some fantastic promotions to make it easier than ever to own your own dive gear!

Read on and you will see how we simply cannot be undersold!

At Rainbow Reef, we don't just sell you gear. We add value by offering you everything from free dive trips to deep discounts on all of our classes when you buy a gear package.

Given the promotions and discounts we offer, we simply can not, and will not, be undersold.

Since buying from websites or landlocked dive centers can't let you try on or try out any dive gear, or give you free dive trips, the combined discounts and promotions that Rainbow Reef Dive Center offers effectively gives you the absolute lowest price, with the most value, anywhere you look!

Below we arranged the gear into 2 different kinds of packages- Personal dive gear such as your Mask, Fins and Snorkel - and then into BC, Regulator and Dive Computer packages.

We created 3 packages following the "Good, Better, Best" approach so that you know that everything in our packages is quality gear, but the more advanced packages fit divers want more features or benefits to the equipment they are buying.

Rainbow Reef Dive Center Barracuda
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