Rachel S ( Captains Team )

  • Captain

    PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer - Scuba Diving since 2009

    I was born and raised in Sandwich IL. Since I was 10 years old I have always loved the ocean! Any chance I had to swim, and snorkel I would. I was always being dragged by my fins back out of the water. I kept with my dreams and my diving career began after being accepted into Texas A&M's Marine Biology program. I went through all of my courses from Open water to Master Scuba Diver, and then switched gears to Full Cave Diver and Scientific Diver. After graduating with my Bachelors in Marine Biology, I moved to Key largo to continue in recreational diving! I quickly completed Divemaster and then Instructor Development Course. My brief time in the technical side of diving was amazing and very educating, however its not as full of life as the reefs in Key Largo, which is what I really enjoy!!!! I have now lived in Key Largo for 5 years and still, I love to swim around the reef and just stare at the fish and see what they are doing! 

    I've moved through the scuba industry and done just about any job I could learn to be a better Instructor/ Captain. There is always something to learn, and as Ocean Divers merges with Rainbow Reef, I'm excited to see what my next challenge will offer me :)

    • Favorite Dive Site:


    • Favorite Specialty Class:

      Peak Performance Buoyancy

    • Favorite Fish:

      Scrawled File fish

    • Favorite Restaurant:

      Ziggy and Mad Dog's

    • Favorite Movie:


My Dive Gear:

  • Regulators:

    Aqua Lung Legend LX

    Legend LX image - medium If the only two things you are concerned about is safety and comfort, look no further. This third generation Legend regulator has the same great breathability as its predecessors but with a new feature. The MBS is the new easy way to adjust the breathing ...

  • BCD:

    Aqua Lung Axiom i3

    Axiom i3 image - medium A feature-rich, ADV style, wrap-around jacket that incorporates the innovative i3 inflation / deflation system (patented). The integrated WraptureTM harness system (pat. pend.) allows you to stand up straight in total comfort while the cylinder remains pe...

  • Dive Computers:

    Suunto D6i Wrist Top Dive Computer

    D6i Wrist Top Dive Computer image - medium The Suunto D6i is the wristop dive computers of choice for those who take their diving seriously. With a new tilt-compensated 3D digital compass and wireless air integration, it's an essential tool when other people rely on your diving skills. The D6i is ...

  • Mask:

    Atomic Frameless

    Frameless image - medium The success of this product derives from meticulous computer design and numerous optical tests. The central position of the eyes and the optimally angled window provides the widest possible viewing angle in every direction. Quick-adjusting ergonomic buckl...

  • Fins:

    Aqua Lung Express ADJ

    Express ADJ image - medium The Express ADJ fin rep- represents the latest in technology and material innovation. Comfort, power and efficiency are the hallmarks of this propulsion machine. Strap a pair on and see for yourself. ...

  • Snorkel:

    Atomic SV-1 Snorkel

    SV-1 Snorkel image - medium The Atomic Aquatics Scupper Valve snorkel design is based on the same principle as the one-way Scupper Valve used in boats. If waves or splashes enter the boat, a one-way rubber flapper located on the deck near the rear of the boat opens to drain the wate...

  • Octopus:

    Aqua Lung Legend Octo

    Legend Octo image - medium This balanced second stage is the perfect pairing for the Legend LX regulator. Its breathability is unmatched. In fact, it breathes easier than most primary regulators! Made with the same high quality parts and materials as the Legend LX, quality and dura...

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