Conch Wall

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  • Conch Wall photo
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  • Site Depth:
    55-110 feet

    Diver Level:
    Open Water

Conch Wall is located South of Conch Reef. The wall itself runs Southwest from the Aquarius Habitat for almost half a mile. Three mooring balls are attached to the top of the reef at about 55 feet. From there, the wall drops off on the seaward side to 95 to 110 feet.

Dense Coral formations and numerous Barrel sponges cover the reef providing shelter for smaller fish from schools of Amberjacks, Groupers and Reef Sharks. Rare Black Coral can be found along the wall at about 85 feet and Eagle Rays tend to school in the deeper water.

Due to the currents frequently found on Conch Wall, This is typically conducted as a Drift Dive. This offers divers the opportunity to cover a lot of area, see the most of the reef and maximize their limited bottom time.

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