Conch Pillars

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  • Conch Pillars photo
  • Conch Pillars photo
  • Conch Pillars photo
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  • Site Depth:
    20-30 Feet

    Diver Level:
    Open Water

Conch Pillars gets its name from the rare stands of Pillars found here. The pillars sit on the top of a straight well defined ledge and rise 3 to 5 feet from the reef. These corals are unique in that they are the only coral species that feed during the day time. They appear as large, brown fingers reaching vertically from the reef. Upon close inspection, their shag carpet texture is composed of thousands of coral polyps feeding on microscopic organisms in the water.

The Ledge on Conch Reef rises off the sandy bottom about 5 feet. It runs southward for about a hundred yards before becoming The Horseshoe. Another one of the highlights of this site are the numerous Conch scurrying around in the sand.

A great, easy shallow dive, this site rarely experiences any current. At 20 to 30 feet this is a perfect site for all level of divers and snorkelers.

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