Banana Patch

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  • Banana Patch photo
  • Banana Patch photo
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  • Site Depth:
    10-40 feet

    Diver Level:
    Open Water

Banana Patch is on the extreme southern end of the Grecian Rocks area. The reef gets its name from a long sloping ledge that bends around like a banana as it heads out to sea. The top of the ledge is about 10 feet, and it runs off into about 40 feet.

There are very healthy hard and soft corals in this area, and the colors are very bright due to its shallow depths. Many tropical fish make their home here including stingrays in the sand, and lots of schooling fish. The underwater scenese from the James Bond Film "Thunderball" was filmed here, and you can still see some the scaffolding and structures left from the shoot.

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