Benwood (Wreck)

Drop Off/Ledge Bow Port Midship Starboard Midship Port Stern
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Located near the French Reef area, The Benwood lies in 25 to 45 feet of water, with her bow section being the deepest. She was built as a merchant marine freighter and was 360 feet long. She sank after running into the USS Tuttle in April 1942 during WWII. She was salvaged and later used as target practice by the Army Air Corp, which became the US Air Force. She was dynamited after she became a navigation hazard. The wreck is highly popular and remains one of the most frequently visited sites in the National Marine Sanctuary. Look for large schools of grunts, snapper and goatfish.

Overall Rating by Customers: 4.1
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Site Depth: 25-45 feet

Site Level: Open Water

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