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  • Deep See Mistique image

    Aqua Lung Deep See Mistique

    Looking for an inexpensive single or two-lens mask with a lifetime warranty?

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  • Deep See Focus image

    Aqua Lung Deep See Focus

    Thinking of a simple no-frills mask? Click here to find out more about a low volume two-lens mask.

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  • Teknika image

    Aqua Lung Teknika

    External stainless steel hardware makes this mask very popular in the world of diving.

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  • MicroMask image

    Aqua Lung MicroMask

    The Micromask is a revolution in mask design. Its innovative, patented structure makes it possible for the lenses to fit in the ocular orbit. Never before have lenses been so close to the eyes. This not only results in an amazingly wide peripheral view but an extremely low internal volume. While scuba divers love it, it is sure to a favorite amongst the free diving / snorkeling community.

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  • Frameless image

    Atomic Frameless

    The success of this product derives from meticulous computer design and numerous optical tests. The central position of the eyes and the optimally angled window provides the widest possible viewing angle in every direction. Quick-adjusting ergonomic buckles are positioned on the skirt.

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  • SubFrame image

    Atomic SubFrame

    The Atomic Aquatics SubFrame Mask is so durable, it carries a Lifetime warranty against frame breakage. The strength comes from the internal frame (subframe) molded directly beneath the surface of the silicone rubber skirt (patent pending). This subframe provides incredible strength and rigidity as well as eliminating the bulky external plastic frame in other masks. A stainless steel retainer locks the lenses in place and provides added strength to the nose bridge area of the mask.

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