HotShot Fins

Now available in White Arctic! Designed with the traveling diver in mind, this amazing fin packs power and comfort in a small package. It offers:
Unsurpassed comfort
Compactness for carry-on travel
Power for a fully-outfitted scuba diver
Comfort Features:

  • The foot pocket is designed to be worn with bare feet!
  • The top and sides of the foot pocket are soft against bare skin
  • Neoprene socks or thin-soled boots may be used for thermal protection
  • Unique, self-adjusting Comfo-strap is buckle free. This particular type of elastomer guarantees comfort
  • Mid-foot Flex Joint
  • The blade attaches to the sides of the foot pocket rather than at the front

of the foot pocket.

  • Prevents hyper-extension of the toes and ankles
  • Maximizes the transfer of power from the leg to the fin

Power Features:

  • Due to the Mid-Foot Flex Joint, the entire length of blade flexes and provides forward thrust. With a traditional fin, the third of the blade in front of the foot pocket is considered dead space and provides no forward thrust. The result is that the HotShot provides the power of a fin that is 30 longer!
  • Geared with silicone slings (Power Bands). These pure silicone slings are loaded with energy during the power stroke, which they release prior to the upstroke.
  • Twin-Speed Gear Shift
  • The gear shift allows the diver to choose the best speed-to effort ratio
  • Divers can change gear settings while wearing the fins
  • The blade is made of a semi rigid customized technopolymer. The result is an excellent spring effect and flexibility to maximize thrust.
  • The rubberized ribs are made of two different elastomeric compounds to provide the greatest elasticity.
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