The Libra has been the top selling women's BCD for years. It is the female version of the popular men's BCD, the Balance. This BCD was designed to fit women more easily with a shorter torso area and a removable chest strap for added comfort. It also has contoured shoulders for the smaller frames.

Keeping a diver streamlined and comfortable is a snap with the BCD's rear-inflation design and tri-Ioader harness system.

Features of the Libra:

  • The air cell completely surrounds the contour backpack so air can easily transfer from side to side for stability and ease of dumping.
  • Features the integrated SureLock II mechanical weight release system (patented)
  • Low profile flat valves (pat. pend.)
  • Stainless steel tri-loader harness system (patented)
  • Self-adjusting lumbar support system
  • Shoulder swivel buckles (patented)
  • A redesigned pull-down pocket
  • Two non-releasable rear weight pockets with buckle locks (5lbs/2kgs ea)
  • Rolled neck collar for added comfort
  • Three stainless steel angled D-rings
  • Attachment grommets for a knife
  • Over-molded carrying handle
  • Updated cosmetics and materials

Additional Features of the Libra:

  • Contoured shoulders
  • A removable chest strap
  • Smaller torso length - uses smaller contour pack on all sizes
  • 3 sizes, 2 colors

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