The Pearl is a highly successful mid-level buoyancy compensator with superior fit, comfort and style designed for female divers. With features such as the integrated sports bra (patented), adjustable waistband and wide adjusting shoulder straps, a fine-tuned custom fit is available for women of all shapes and sizes.
For 2013, a new twilight color option has been added to compliment the women's collection as well as the sports bra panels have been upgraded to neoprene for comfort and durability


  • Hybrid air cell combining the best features of a jacket style and a back lnflatlon unit
  • Sleek, low profile lobes with scalloped lower edges to rise above the hips
  • The patented, integrated sports bra provides added comfort, security and stability
  • The fiat valves (patent pending) reduce drag and keep the diver streamlined
  • Weight integration features the SureLock'" II (patented) mechanical lock and release system.
  • The weight pockets align themselves, so just insert the pocket until it ‘clicks' A simple, single pull of the release is all it takes to jettison the weights in an emergency.
  • Two large, lobe pockets are secured with zippers
  • Four D-rings available for multiple accessory attachments.
  • Additional grommets available for attachment of any Aqua Lung model knife.
  • Octo-pockets found on either side securely stow your octopus
  • Adjustable waist band accommodates most divers
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