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    PADI DiveMaster - Scuba Diving since 1985

    They say “home is where the heart is” and mine has always been salt water. I’m a Florida native, Coast   Guard veteran and long-time Gulf Coast resident who has been “driving boats”, big and small for as many   years as I can remember. I was 3 or so the first time my parents sat me on their lap to “steer” our ski boat   across Pensacola Bay. As a kid, my favorite TV shows were Flipper and Jacques Cousteau. I learned to   sail as a teen ager when I bought a 14’ Old Town canoe with a sailing rig and set off across the waters of   west Florida. When not engaged in water activities, I enjoy watching Star Trek and WWII history shows as   well as PC Gaming on my custom-built rig. Water and boats are so much a part of my life though, my wife   and I have been “Living the Dream”, living aboard our cabin cruiser of the same name for several years.

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      Damn the torpedoes

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