JoshK ( Support Staff Team )

  • Intern

    PADI Open Water Diver - Scuba Diving since 2015

    Josh grew up on the Jersey Shore, living, working, and playing on the water. During the week in the summer he worked as a camp counselor and lifeguard to eventually become head lifeguard at Seashore Day Camp. On the weekends, he assisted his father with his business in water sports rentals. He always had an interest in the ocean, with his logical and curious demeanor guiding him towards marine science. He attended the Marine Academy of Science and Technology for high school where he studied marine science and was a senior chief petty officer of the NJROTC program. Graduating from MAST, he attended Eckerd College for marine biology with a computer science minor. He was the president of Scubi Jew, Eckerd College's Environmental Diving Club, where he led trips such as Dive Against Debris, coral restoration, and Diveheart adaptive diving. During his course at Eckerd, much of his time was spent at the waterfront where he worked as recreation checkout staff, the windsurfing instructor, leading special events, and driving the lab boats.

    Josh is ecstatic to be down here in Key Largo, beginning his rise up the ranks in the dive industry. He always loves to be by the sea and his true passion in life is showing others the wonders of the underwater world. After studying the ocean from a scientific perspective for years, he has decided that the best way to teach conservation is through a hands on, feet wet approach. Come dive with Josh, and allow his enthusiasm and positive attitude to brighten your day and make your dive all the more meaningful. Let's turn every dive into a dive against debris!

    • Favorite Dive Site:

      CRF Nursery

    • Favorite Specialty Class:

      Diveheart Adaptive Dive Buddy

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    • Favorite Movie:

      Austin Powers

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