D.J. ( Management Team )

  • a.k.a. Oz

    PADI Master Instructor - Scuba Diving since 1999

    • Full FaceMask Instructor

    • Poseidon Rebreather Instructor

    • Optima Rebreather

    D.J. started diving quite by accident in 1999 when he visited the Florida Keys for Christmas vacation. The resort mixed up his dolphin swim reservations, and they offered to make up for it with a Discover Scuba Class. He liked diving so he decided to get certified. A native of NJ, he flew down to Key Largo numerous times to dive over the next couple of years and eventually decided to sell his Internet consulting firm, leave the rat race behind and start a dive business.

    The mission was to create the dive center everyone wanted to dive with, and the one everyone wanted to work with.

    D.J. became a PADI OWSI in 2002 and a USCG 100 Ton Master Captain in 2003. He enjoyed teaching a variety of classes so he focused on continuing education such as AOW and specialty certifications. Rainbow Reef became a PADI 5-Star IDC in 2004 when they hired there first Course Director and began Instructor training. D.J. helped staff some of the IDCs and taught hundreds of recreational classes and became a PADI Master Instructor in 2006.

    As Rainbow Reef grew, D.J. slowly shifted from being Captain and an Instructor to mainly focusing on marketing, managing and building the systems that run Rainbow Reef. Today you can see him doing anything from fixing a compressor, to making a reservation and everything in between.

    • Favorite Dive Site:

      The Duane Wreck

    • Favorite Specialty Class:


    • Favorite Fish:

      Eagle Ray

    • Favorite Restaurant:

      Fish House

    • Favorite Movie:

      Star Wars

    PADI Specialty Instructor Certifications:

    • Wreck Diver

    • Deep Diver

    • Enriched Air/Nitrox Diver

    • Boat Diver

    • Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver

    • Night Diver

    • Gas Blender

    • Underwater Naturalist

    • Underwater Navigator

    • Digital Photo/Video

    • Project Aware

    • Fish Identification

    • TecRec Gas Blender

    • DAN Emergency 02 Provider

    • EFR Primary/Secondary Care

    • EFR Care for Children

    • Ocean Reef Full FaceMask (IDM)

    • Ocean Reef FFM w/Coms

    • PADI Full FaceMask

    • Poseidon Instructor

    • Optima Diver

    • Basic Free Diver

My Dive Gear:

  • Regulators:

    Aqua Lung Legend LX

    Legend LX image - medium If the only two things you are concerned about is safety and comfort, look no further. This third generation Legend regulator has the same great breathability as its predecessors but with a new feature. The MBS is the new easy way to adjust the breathing ...

  • BCD:

    Aqua Lung Zuma

    Zuma image - medium The fun, travel-friendly ZUMA will find favor with those divers who are tired of paying excess baggage fees. This ultra-light, weight-integrated, back inflation BC has everything you need, yet lacks weight and bulk....

  • Dive Computers:

    Suunto Vyper Air Wrist Top Dive Computer

    Vyper Air Wrist Top Dive Computer image - medium The Vyper Air can become a wireless (hoseless) dive computer with an optional transmitter. Air, Nitrox, and Gauge mode accommodates any type of diving situation. With a graphical logbook display, seeing your dive profile 'on-screen' is a great way to reco...

  • Mask:

    Atomic SubFrame

    SubFrame image - medium The Atomic Aquatics SubFrame Mask is so durable, it carries a Lifetime warranty against frame breakage. The strength comes from the internal frame (subframe) molded directly beneath the surface of the silicone rubber skirt (patent pending). This subframe ...

  • Fins:

    Aqua Lung HotShot Fins

    HotShot Fins image - medium Now available in White Arctic! Designed with the traveling diver in mind, this amazing fin packs power and comfort in a small package. It offers: Unsurpassed comfort Compactness for carry-on travel Power for a fully-outfitted scuba diver ...

  • Snorkel:

    Atomic SV-2 Snorkel

    SV-2 Snorkel image - medium The SV2 includes a Scupper Valve lower section with a sleek semi-dry top. The SV2 semi-dry top employs horizontal vents engineered to diffuse splashed water that would normally freely enter the snorkel top. The small gaps between the vanes of the vent res...

  • Octopus:

    Aqua Lung Titan / Calypso Octo

    Titan / Calypso Octo image - medium Perfectly compatible with the Titan regulators, this mid sized alternate air source is a high quality, affordable octo. High viz purge cover along with the high viz 39 inch hose makes identifying fast and efficient. The front purge cover is designed for e...

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